Funky Erasers Can Be Wonderful Gifts At Kids’ Parties

Article Written By: Iwako Store

As parents to little children in a fast changing world the question that must be intriguing you very often is what to gift to kids these days. As we all know, children love to receive new gift items and it is very important what we choose as elders choose to gift them. Many parents make the mistake of handing over gadgets to children as they are attracted to them. That is the biggest mistake you can do as a parent as it not only hinders their development but also ruins their childhood. Instead, funky erasers can be gifted to children on all occasions to be used both as erasers and as toys. That can be a good way of keeping their childhood safe and full of innocent in a gadget freak world.

Unicorn Eraser (Blue)

Explore the cutest gift options

Children love things that are bright, cute and funky. Erasers for children are easily available in realistic fruits, birds and animal shapes. These can also be found in shapes like sports objects, dolls and cartoon characters. You cannot even imagine the massive variety of eye-catching erasers that are available in the market for children unless you start exploring these options. Find out the interests of your child and accordingly select a box of Pokemons or Ben10 themed erasers on his or her birthday or as a reward. Cherish the sight of how they love these cute, little wonders and become proud of their little possessions. Search for iwako erasers online and gift your children a lovely set of objects to play with. You can purchase an entire set and keep giving one after another to make it seem like a series of gifts.

Often people run out of options while selecting return gifts at kids’ birthday parties. Having these cute erasers as gifts for children at birthday parties can be a great idea instead of distributing candies and chocolates. You can even keep them as prizes for individual games. Let the kids learn to share and play with funky toy erasers and give flight to their imagination. In this way the kids will be happy with their collections while you can be happy about the safe, inexpensive and exciting purchases you have made for them.

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The Importance Of A Good Eraser

With school starting, every child needs good school supplies. Paper, notebooks, pencils, crayons and of course, erasers, they all have to be found in your little one’s backpack. No child can write without mistaking a few letters and it is important for him to have a good eraser. But what should an eraser do to be considered the best?

It shouldn’t stain the paper

The Iwako erasers are the best and the first reason why they are leading the market is the fact that they are of great quality. An eraser shouldn’t stain the paper when you use it. It shouldn’t leave its color on the paper and you probably remember the blue erasers that we used when we were kids that made the entire area you wanted to erase blue as the eraser. Click here to know more.

Erase everything and leave no mark behind

A great eraser will remove every pencil mark. Some erasers cannot erase everything and there will be left a slightly trace of what was written before. This isn’t how an eraser should work, the papers should become white again, with no trace that something was written before there.

Good erasers that won’t tear

A great eraser shouldn’t tear and it shouldn’t make a mess after you finish erasing the unwanted paragraph or drawing. Many erasers of low quality tear when you start using them in many pieces and they will be impossible to use. You will end up throwing it away and having to buy a new one and this can become a costly routine.

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Japanese Erasers Have Become the Favorite Collectible Amongst Children

There was a time when erasers had only one job to do – ‘erase’. As the time passed, numerous varieties were introduced and many bought them as and how their use was.

The current innovation of food erasers has made many go awestruck. After all no one thought of edible erasers years back. Indeed Iwako introduced a new thing in the market. You can get more information here.


If there is a departmental store, who doesn’t know about food erasers, it may be a matter of surprise. This is because, you being an adult (quite surprising) may not know about it but children and youngsters do know. If you haven’t followed them or known about them then better say a quick hello to world’s BFF – Google.

The categories

The five broad categories in which these erasers are found are:-

  • Animal
  • Western food
  • Japanese food
  • Toy shaped
  • Garden shape

Though the categories are just five, but the variety under each category is plentiful. It is too much to the extent that you may get totally confused which one to buy and which one to avoid.

The name

It doesn’t take much time to make a copy, but innovations do take time. There are many designs that you may get in the market, but you must buy Iwako. This is because Iwako is an environmentally responsible company and makes non toxic erasers to keep your child safe.

Craze amongst teenagers and youngsters are too much. If you haven’t known about it then educate yourself today.

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Do Have a Look at Japanese Erasers – They Are Edible and a Craze Today

Japanese erasers are the new talk of the town. With school going kids almost crazy about collecting them, they are considered to be in vogue amongst adults as well. There is nearly 500 varieties of easers, which is good enough to confuse any normal person. The cherry on the cake is Iwako introduces limited editions as well. Exciting! Indeed it is!

The size is between 34 inches – 2 inches. It is the design that rules the size. Being a real different thing, many are busy in keeping their collection complete. Teenagers, yes they do it, but adults are not lagging behind. Grownups too try to keep their collection complete. Follow this link to get more details.

The categories

The five broad categories in which these erasers are found are:-

  • Animal
  • Western food
  • Japanese food
  • Toy shaped
  • Garden shape

The categories are five but there are nearly 100 shapes under one umbrella. You may either buy combination or a single piece, the choice is yours. Moreover, whether you buy one or plenty, each piece is cute and adorable to have.

The limited edition erasers introduced by Iwako, are almost impossible to be found after a while. If you want those, buy them on time.


The factory where these erasers are made is environmentally responsible. The creation is indeed very good and perfectly safe for children to have. There is one special detachable variety, but it is not recommended for children below eight years of age.

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Teach Our Child In An Innovative Manner

Teaching the kids is said to be the responsibility of the parents. Thus, if you are a parent, you must look for various easy and playful ways for teaching your child. You can make use of attractive items to indulge your kid into teaching sessions. The products that you can get comprise of animal erasers, pencil toppers etc. As most of the kids have the habit of putting things in their mouth, it is essential that you ensure that the products that you are purchasing are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Click here to know more.

Innovative learning ways

It is commonly believed that what is seen is quickly learned and remains in the mind for a longer period of time, thus you must make an attempt to make the things visual to the kids so that they can grasp more quickly. One such way is to purchase the kids stationery or usable items which represent different objects, fruits, vegetables, animals etc. like you can go for purchasing the ice cream eraser, animal eraser, pencil toppers in different shapes etc. These objects are available in a wide variety of colors thus you can also teach your child different types of colors. It is advisable to purchase the primary colors which can easily be recognized by the kid. Then you can opt for purchasing the secondary colors.

It is to be noted that their basic functionality is not compromised at all. They perfectly erase the pencil and in addition they are also safe as they are naphthalene, paint as well as lead free erasers.

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Great Delivery Options For Great Erasers

If you have a need for having erasers (usually your children have), there is a great offer, available in the whole United Kingdom. You can get great animal erasers, at affordable prices (£0.95 per piece) and even get a free delivery. If your order is under £20, you are going to pay £2.7 for delivery. On the other side, if your order is under £20, the delivery is free, on the territory of the whole United Kingdom.

This benefit is great and perfect if you have a small shop near school or if you are in some business related to the elementary education. All products, you order are latex free, so they can be used by small children as well. However, it isn’t recommended that children under age 3 use these erasers, due to the fact they can cause choking. On the other side, they are perfect for children in the elementary school. Click here to know more.

The delivery time

No matter where you live, the delivery time is under 3 days. Keep in mind that it is free. Another great feature is that there are amazing animal erasers available. There are erasers for boys and girls. In any case, your child can get the best eraser in the world. Thanks to this, unique shape, erasing is fun and your child won’t be upset if he/she has to delete something and write or draw it again.

If your child likes to draw, these erasers are even more important for him. We can even say mandatory. They will increase the imagination of him and they can give better inspiration.

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Educational Toys – Best For Education As Well As Gifts

Educating a child is quite a daunting task, but it can easily be accomplished with little care and attention. If you want to reduce the pressure of learning, then you must opt for innovative ways for teaching your child like purchasing the animal shaped eraser, vegetable shaped eraser, fruit shaped piggy bank etc. This would help your kid to recognize different fruits, vegetables, animals etc. easily. Here is the link to get more information.


Give a unique as well as usable gift to the kid’s

If you are organizing the birthday party for your kid then you can opt for purchasing iwako animal erasers for giving the same as the return gift to the kids. Animal erasers are available in numerous colors and represent almost every animal. You can easily place an order for these designer erasers in different colors and shapes.

If you are purchasing these erasers for giving them as a return gift then you must opt for purchasing a pack of 10 to 20 erasers. You can purchase these erasers online and if you wish, you can also get them gift wrapped.

The best part of these erasers is that they are quite affordable in prices. Thus, you need not to give a second thought for giving them as a gift to the kids. In addition, many online stores offer various discounts on bulk purchases.

Apart from the erasers, there are several other educational toys that you can consider purchasing like puzzles, building blocks etc. The selection should be done based on the age group of the kids.

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Different Types Of Erasers Available For Artists

Article Written By: Iwako Store

Erasers are one of the must have items in kids’ pencil box. Not only kids, if you are involved in drawing or sketching, then probably erasers are an important item for you too.  It might sound like a simple stationary item but do you know there are many types available, when it comes to choosing quality erasers? Yes, you heard it right. Let’s find out little detail about each of the types.

Before we proceed on the types, know that there are Iwako erasers available in the market, which is of great quality. They are easy on papers and do not create any mess on the paper, as you rub them on the drawing paper. These erasers come in following types:


Iwako erasers made of rubber are the most common ones. They usually come in basic pink colour. However, there are other colours available too. The quality of rubber made these erasers a must have for artists. You will find these with every pencil.

Gum erasers

These are also known as gum art erasers, and are very similar to rubber types. The only difference between rubber and gums erasers is that gum ones are softer than the rubber ones. They are very easy to use on paper, no matter what quality of paper you use. They are very soft.

Kneaded erasers

These are the creative ones as they can be formed and sculpted in any shape. Kneaded erasers work by lifting the pigment off the surface, and do not leave any residue. They are unique because of this feature.

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Unique Fun Erasers We Never Knew Existed

All of us have worked with fun erasers at some point of the time during our school days. They not only remove the pencil marks from paper but some of the unique erasers are specialized to erase pen ink too. When it comes to the variety of erasers available in the market, most of us have not come across all the erasers yet.


You must have used different size and shapes of erasers. However, companies have produced much more beyond that. Among them, themed erasers are most common. Some of the themed erasers are animal erasers, fruit or toy erasers and so on. For more details visit


Food erasers for your children

Many reputed companies develop good quality food erasers. Watermelon, orange, lemon, papaya, burger, French fries and many more similar erasers have stolen the hearts of kids. The manufacturers try to make these products quite appealing and tasty. They look really funny when you use them. Your kids will surely enjoy working with them. It is a good idea to gift your kid a cute sushi, dessert or bakery eraser set to make them feel special.

What is so special about puzzle erasers?

Puzzle erasers are not offered by all the companies. Only selected number of stationary companies has this collection. You know the best thing about these erasers is that you could break the puzzle and then join it all over again. It is an ideal time pass and fun activity. These stylish and designer erasers are worth investing in.

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Learn the Mechanism of Fun Erasers

Oops! Did you make a mistake while solving a question or writing an answer. It is wise to erase it as soon as you find your mistake. Most of us wonder how this magical unique eraser corrects your mistakes. Well, it is a scientific product, which works on its own principles.

Things you must know

Before learning the working mechanism of this item, you must know what it erases. Well, it is the graphite, a form of carbon often referred as lead by most of us. As you begin writing, graphite of your pencil sticks to paper and makes the writing visible to you.

Things used to manufacture erasers

Do you know what is an eraser made up of? Mostly substances like rubber, vinyl and plastic are used to manufacture them. Many companies add sulphur to rubber, so that it lasts for a longer period. Vegetable oil and other such softeners are used to add a certain level of flexibility to it. To give a unique color to these unique erasers, dye is added.

How does it work?

As you rub it over the paper, it will lift all the graphite marks from the paper. Softeners make sure that your paper does not tear. The sticky rubber substance present in the eraser will hold all the lead particles.

It uses the technique of friction. As it moves over the paper, frictional force between the paper and eraser generates heat, which helps the eraser to grab all the particles.

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